Emeagwali On language

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Emeagwali On language

Post by admin » Thu Oct 07, 2004 6:20 am

[quote]I was taught to write in a new language. As a result, I became literate in English but remain illiterate in Igbo - my native tongue.

I learned Latin - a dead language I would never use in the modern world - because it was the official language of the Catholic Church, which owned the schools I attended.

Today, there are more French speakers in Africa than there are in France.

There are more English speakers in Nigeria than there are in the United Kingdom.

There are more Portuguese speakers in Mozambique than there are in Portugal.

The Organization of African Unity never approved an African language as one of its official languages.

We won the battle of decolonizing our continent, but we lost the war on decolonizing our minds.[/quote]

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