Chronique 155 - Harmonik- Still on fire!

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Chronique 155 - Harmonik- Still on fire!

Post by Serge » Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:47 pm

Chronique musicale 155

Following up on its dazzling studio release a couple of years ago, Harmonik has done it again! Its latest release entitled : "Let's go" is as dynamic and entertaining as its first one, if not better. I, for one, had been waiting with great anticipation this album to hear how the group could maintain its momentum. This album meets ort exceeds expectations, from beginning to the end.

it is indeed "Harmonik's time", the title of the first tune on the CD. Band leader Nickenson Prud'homme, supported by a solid cast of the regular musicians of the band and a number of superb guest musicians like Réginald Lubin, Elie Lapointe, the omnipresent Shedly Abraham and many more, continues to provide quality konpa.

The big surprise on the album is the collaboration between Harmonik and the well-known Barbadian singer Alison Hinds in the title song entitled "Let's go!". This tune is on fire! She blends easily with the band and one thing that should be said is that Harmonik's style easily crosses over. And add to that the fact that Haitian musicians have never had problems palying with musicians of all stripes. Alison Hinds herself is a ball of fire who quickly finds her grove playing Haitian Konpa. I really hope that this collaboration will not stop there. As you listen to the song, you will find it impossible to sit still. Written by Nickenson Prud'homme and arranged by him and the great guitarist composer Dener Céide, it is one of the most entertaining tune on the CD.

This Cd is on one of the most enjoyable to have been released in 2001. Each one of the songs stands on its own. From the rich and well conceived introductions, to the nice melodies, to the harmonious phrasings, everything falls in place. The band is very disciplined; the music is tight. Most interesting also for a band like this, or any other Haitian band for that matter, is that the lyrics are well written. The readers of this Chronique know how much importance I give to the lyrics in konpa music. Too often, they are completely neglected by too many konpa musicians and you almost have the impression that those lyrics are just an afterthought for them. This is definitely not the case with this CD. Whatever the subject treated in the song, the lyrics are well written, and I find this quite satisfying.

As I said earlier, the whole CD is a real treat and one of the best for 2011. I hope you already have added it CD to your konpa collection where it should figure prominently.

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