Chronique 154 - Silky smooth Beethova Obas

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Chronique 154 - Silky smooth Beethova Obas

Post by Serge » Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:18 pm

There are artists who are very prolific and others who do not seem to be too concerned with releasing a CD every year or so. And there are those who take their time and when they do release their CD, it is always a work of quality, a work of creativity , in short, a work of excellence. In my view, Beethova Obas is such an artist. His recent release entitled "Futur - Avni" is another one of the masterpieces he keeps producing with amazing consistency.

The silky smooth singer, composer, arranger mesmerizes you with his beautiful melodic lines, his memorable melodies and powerful lyrics. Despite his low-key approach, Beethova Obas's music is powerful not only from the point of view of the music, but also of his message. The CD opens with a wonderful tribute to the mother. I have rarely heard such beautiful lyrics to recognize this central pillar of the family.. Of course, many Haitian bands have paid great tribute to the Haitian mother, who holds a special place in Haitian music, but Beethova Obas 's "Bravo Manman" beats them all , in my humble estimation.

The title tune "Futur", is one more powerful message that Beethova Obas delivers in a masterful and creative manner. The future belongs indeed to the youth of today and our solemn obligation is to do everything to prepare them to take over when we are gone. Such is the message in this song which is enhanced by the voices of the very young people this song is written for. Obas does a wonderful job and nothing is more poignant than to listen to these young voices, the voices of the futur. Most pleasing and without precedent is the fact that on some of the songs, Beethova Obas is accompanied by the Philarmonic Orchestra of Wroclaw (Poland). The arrangements are excellent and incredibly sensitive. Apart from this Orchestra, a superb cast of musicians of various nationalities supports Beethova Obas: Haitian, Martiniquan, American.

This CD has many strengths. While the music is beautiful, the sound is varied. Tune No. 4, "Latino Moon" is a light ballad that takes you on nice, light-hearted latin interlude. Tune No. 5 "Rara Bois Verna" is played on a frenzied rara beat which will make you get up and dance. Others are played on a konpa beat. One of the prettiest songs on the CD is tune No. 7, "Lavi". This is one of those songs whose melody and lyrics remain with you as you find yourself humming it all the time. The harmony coming out of the Philarmonic Orchestra is powerful and profoundly inspiring, blending seamlessly with the konpa. Tune No. 10, "Semez l'amour" is an excellent exemple of the beautiful arrangement provided by the Orchestra. Beethova also shows his penchant for Reggae in tune No. 11, "Wandaly", played on a nice, langorous reggae beat which blends into a rara beat, showing one more time how easily two cultures fit into each other. .

Beethova Obas's fans will be thoroughly happy with this CD. As I said earlier, Beethova does not produce often, and this is by design.But when he does, the wait is well worth it. The music is extremely tight and well organized; the musicians are excellent; the mixing is superb and Beethova Obas is at his best. I think this is the best CD of its category to have been released in 20011, one that should prominently feature in your collection.

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