Chronique 144 - Kayimit Konpa

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Chronique 144 - Kayimit Konpa

Post by Serge » Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:40 pm

From Canada, we welcome a new kid on the block. Indeed, the group Kayimit Konpa – quite an evocative name- recently released an album entitled “Drapo”. I suppose its music could be classified as “New Generation” music. In any case, it sounds good.

Two notable musicians caught my attention on the CD: drummer Shedley Abraham and bass player Joe Fortuné. They are usually associated with quality music, and true to form, they deliver. Those who are familiar with the Chronique know how much I like to listen to Shedley Abraham on the drums. As usual, he does a wonderful job keeping the beat steady, along with longtime bassist Joe Fortune, a veteran who has played with practically most of the big konpa bands.

Kayimit plays a nice, relaxing konpa, as exemplified by tune No. 4, An nou vanse, a nice konpa ballad that entices you to get up and dance. The title track , Drapo, merits special mention. As the title indicates, this is an ode to the Haitian flag. The lyrics are very telling and encourages Haitians to get together to respect the flag and to make every effort to protect it, since that is the only way foreigners will respect. The message is loud and unequivocal. Tune No. 8, Your Love, is one of my favorite on the CD. An adaptation of the American ballad, Your Love, Kayimit does a nice job. The rhythm section with Shedley Abraham and Joe Fortune really enhance the song by their play. The keyboard has some very nice lines and without being flashy, provides a nice feel to the music. This is the kind of konpa you can dance all night and never get tired.

If you are looking for some relaxing konpa, I definitely would recommend this CD. The mixing made at Shedley's Djazz la Studio, is generally good, except that the voice of the lead singer could have been raised a bit. Otherwise, all instruments come out loud and clear. This is another CD to add to your collection. If Kayimit can keep up the good work, I think we should hear much more from it in the near future.

Help fight Haitian CD piracy; it is bad for everyone.

Serge Bellegarde for Windows on Haiti, January 2010

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