Chronique 136 - Shabba Djakout and friends

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Chronique 136 - Shabba Djakout and friends

Post by Serge » Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:57 pm

Chronique musicale 136

If you are a fan of Djakout Mizik, you will like this CD by Herve Antenor, better know as Shabba. Following a trend which goes back quite a few years, Shabba released this CD entitled "Shabba Djakout and Friends - Pi Piti pi rèd", earlier this year under his name, but the sound is unmistakable. And for a good reason!

Shabba has surrounded himself with an impressive array of some of the best Konpa performers, and it is no wonder then that the music is so well balanced. Among them, you find Jean H. Richard “Ritchie”, Nickenson Prudhomme, Réginald Bastien. Elie Lapointe, Kenny Desmangles, Stanley Toussaint, Gracia Delva, Gazman Pierre Couleur, Herman absolu, Shedley Abraham, Ansyto Mercier, Nicolina Santiago and so many more. On tune No. 3 “I want you”, we are happily surprised to find none other than Wyclef Jean as the guest performer on the tune. This is a beautiful melody.

As I carefully listen to those artists, I realize how nice a blend of the Zenglen sound and the Djakout sound this CD is. The brass section with Nicolina Santiago, Julio Diaz and Nestor Zabala is solid. The harmony is excellent.

Each one of the song is carefully adapted to the featured artist, whether he is Wyclef Jean, Gracia Delva, Arly Larivière, Ritchie, Alan Cavé and so on. This results in a CD characterized by a nice, varied sound on each one of the songs. The musicians provide an all-around superb support to Hervé Antenor. I particularly like tunes No. 2 “Map bay vag”, no.4 “I want you”, no. 5 “I am in love”, no. 6,”Rara lage”, no 8 “Bel Rankont”, no. 9 “Police”. This certainly does not mean that the other tunes are les enjoyable, to the contrary. The last tune on the album “Haiti mondial” is an interesting melody highlighting Black Alex doing his thing like only he alone can. Played on a kind of reggae beat, it has a very catchy rhythm.

This is a nice, all-around, entertaining CD which you will enjoy. If I have any criticism, it is that the mixing could have been better. At times, I find that the voice of the singer is a bit drowned by the other instruments. But this dos not prevent anyone from thoroughly enjoying the excellent music of Shabba.

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