Chronique 127 - Mizik Mizik

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Chronique 127 - Mizik Mizik

Post by Serge » Thu Dec 25, 2008 8:42 am

It has been a few years since we had heard from Fabrice Rouzier of Haiti Twoubadou and Mizik Mizik. Fabrice himself seems to be everywhere, arranging here, programming there, but the band had stopped for a while. Not anymore. Recently, Mizik Mizik released a wonderful CD entitled “Paradi nan lanfè”. Mizik Mizik has not loast a beat since it last album.

In typical fashion, Fabrice “Ti Wouzye” Rouzier, Clément “Kéké” Bélizaire and company are as sharp as ever. They are supported by a tremendous cast of musicians and guest artists, such as Yves Abel, Gérald Kébreau, Michael Benjamin and so many more. Of particular interest is the brass section with veteran of Haitian music, sax player Paul Hennegan; trombonist John Normandin and above all, André Déjean. As you listen to the beautiful brass lines, you immediately pick up the Déjean sound. Playing the drums, is one of my favorite drummers, Shedley Abraham, who has been omnipresent lately, witness the number of new CDs in which he is a guest artist. He does a fantastic job on this CD too.

If there is something constant with Fabrice Rouzier, it is that he is creative, his music is well written and all that, without being flashy. His harmony is well thought of. To take one example, listen to tune No. 4, “Lavi ka bèl”. The beat is tight, the musicians are disciplined, and not one note is wasted. This is konpa at its best. The brass section is well arranged and we could not expect anything less from a brass section involving André Déjean. Throughout the CD, Shedley Abraham provides steady support. It is a real pleasure to see how he follows every movement in the song. I have listened to the CD countless times and each time, I manage to discover something new. This is how one can appreciate the subtlety of Rouzier's music and his right hand musician Kéké Bélizaire who plays both electric and acoustic guitar. It is a joy to listen to his lines and how he intervenes ever so smartly in the songs.

Tune No. 8 , “Pa gen rezon”, is a nice melody reminiscent of the catchy twoubadou style which Fabrice Rouzier and Kéké Belizaire launched with the Haiti Twoubadou series. Speaking of hot konpa beat, you cannot have better than that. As James Brown used to say, this song will put ants in your pants.

Mizik Mizik – Paradi nan lanfè, is a must in any one's Mizik Mizik collection. The CD is entertaining, the music is well-written, the harmony is excellent, the lyrics are meaningful. The mixing is excellent and I do not hesitate one minute in urging you get yor copy. You will have a ball!

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Serge Bellegarde, for Windows on Haiti – December 2008

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