Chronique 122 - Tifane

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Chronique 122 - Tifane

Post by Serge » Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:08 pm

Chronique musicale 122

While the political situation continues to deteriorate in our beloved Haiti, the music form pursues its steady development and new artists and groups are continuously bursting on the scene. Witness the new kid on the block, or should I say, the new wonderful female artist by the name of Tifane, an affectionate diminutive for her real name Stéphanie Séjour. She is probably drawing comparison already with the other Haitian icone Emeline Michel, but I think it is a bit unfair to do so at this stage, since “Anprent” (Imprint), as her CD is entitled, is only her first. Folks, she is indeed leaving her imprint on the Haitian musical scene.

Tifane has surrounded herself with an impressive array of musicians on the album, among them, Fabrice Rouzier (keyboard, programming and arrangements), Clément “Kéké” Bélizaire, Boulot Valcourt, Éric Charles and others. They provide excellent support to Tifane whose harmonious voice reverberates throughout the album.

As I started listening to the CD, I was struck to see how diverse her style is. From the first song “Sekrè a “ played on a nice African beat, she goes to “Mironda”, played on a very entertaining troubadour beat; then on to the third one, a beautiful melody composed by Belo and sung by Tifane supported only by the guitar. The fourth song sounds more like hip-hop; while the fifth one is played on Haitian folkloric beat and so on. She is amazingly versatile. This may be her first album, but Tifane sounds very much at home as she sings. Listen for example to tune No. 5 “Avè w”, as she weaves through the song, from one note to another with such ease and harmony. She has a very accurate voice. Tune no. 6 “Jodia” is a wonderfully nostalgic ballad sung with a lot of feeling. Kéké Bélizaire's guitar provides excellent support to the melody. Tune No. 9 “Wenève m” is played on a furious rara beat that will force you to get up and dance. Her style in this song definitely reminds me of Emeline Michel. But the comparisons stops there. Tune No. 10 is a remix of Belo's song “Se kom si”, sung by both Tifane and Belo on the beautiful reggae beat in the background. What an excellent job they did on this song!

The whole CD is just excellent and very pleasing to the ears. The mixing is excellent and the arrangements by Fabrice Rouzier , Tifane and Hans Peters are right to the point. The young, talented Tifane with her charming voice has already won an international prize, which is a ringing tribute to this brand new Haitian female artist. I will be waiting with impatience for her next CD; meanwhile, I sure hope you will add this one to your collection of female artist, next to your Emeline Michel's collection. You will enjoy it.

Help fight Haitian CD piracy, this is bad for everyone.

Serge Bellegarde, for Windows on Haiti – August 2008

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