Chronique 107 - Kreyol La

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Chronique 107 - Kreyol La

Post by Serge » Mon Jan 01, 2007 12:09 pm

Chronique musicale 107

Among the new releases for the end of 2006, I sampled a pretty entertaining Konpa CD which you will enjoy: Kreyol La's new CD release entitled: Viktwa. The group is fairly new and I may be mistaken, but to my knowledge, this is its first studio recording. However, the musicians are veterans: Ansito Mercier, an expert in the synthetizer and in Konpa Direk, Stanley Herisse, Joe Zenny and many others. The group belongs to the so-called New Generation, therefore, you will not hear this solid brass section like in Zenglen or Djakout Mizik for example. However, the music is mature and quite entertaining. I think this album will go places.

The title track, Viktwa, is an excellent tune, both in terms of lyrics and of melody. This song is quite an indictment of the authorities who do not do their work. At the same time, it is a strong plea for the creation of jobs which will allow everyone to stay out of trouble and meaningfully contribute to society.

Interestingly enough, many different Konpa groups at this time seem to be dealing more and more with the political and economic ills of a morally crumbling society, themes that used to be treated in general by the Rasin groups. But this more profound foray of Konpa into these themes reflect, no doubt, the aggravating problems that are afflicting a society or certain sectors which seem to be at times oblivious to pain and aches of those below. In any case, this consciousness raising is a welcome development which I hope will continue to expand further and deeper and become more generalized.

I particularly like the keyboard programming throughout the CD. I suppose we could not expect anything less from Ansito Mercier who is also the leader of Kreyol La. Contrary to other groups of the same genre, the lyrics of the songs on the CD are decent and seem to reflect a concern on the part of the composer not to neglect this part, as do too many others. In that respect, Joseph Zenny, the lead vocal played a big part in all the songs. Like Gracia Delva, he does not scream when he sings, and this will allow his voice to last much longer on the circuit.

All in all, Viktwa, by Kreyol La, is an entertaining album which can easily fill any dance room for your enjoyment. This CD closes with the Carnival track for 2006, a tune which will prevent you from sitting down. Throughout, the mixing is very well-made and the musicians provide good support. If you are a fan of the New Generation music, then you want to add this one on to your collection. It will be well worth it.

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Serge Bellegarde, for Windows on Haiti
Independence Day, January 2007

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