Human Rights in Haiti, Work-in-Progress

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Director Film Human Rights in Haiti, Work-in-Progress
Isabelle Fabric

Human Rights in Haiti
Isabelle Fabric
Documentary [HR P]
56 minutes
Translated to English? Yes

In a masterful blend of exclusive historical footage, interviews, and artwork, this film takes viewers through the
history of the Haitian people and their struggle for their rights. A slave revolt in 1791 and a second war against
colonial France led to Haiti becoming the first independent black republic in 1804. After suffering under tyrants for decades, most recently the infamous Duvalier (Papa Doc) and his son, the Haitians finally elected Jean Bertrand Aristide, a reformer. Haiti's troubles continued when the military overthrew Aristide, although he later returned. The film focuses on some of the victims of the more than 40,000 human rights violations that have taken place in this troubled country. Death and injuries occur after clashes between Aristide supporters and the military, between the "new" police , the old police, and criminals . United Nations human rights observers (MICIVIH) have been dispatched to Haiti to help establish a working democracy. It is a complex problem since the judiciary and the prison system operate under ancient laws dating back to the Napoleonic codes. The UN observers are instituting new methods such as town meetings, mediation training, and community policemen. They are working to help the Haitians learn to protect and promote human rights.

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