Haiti: Coup de Grace, 1995

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Director Film Haiti: Coup de Grace, 1995
Rudi Stern

Haiti: Coup de Grace, 1995
Rudi Stern
Documentary [H P]
original: Film
English, Spanish, French versions

This documentary follows President Jean-Bertrand Aristide through exile and his eventual return to Haiti. The film deals with the hypocrisy of the U.S. government's call for "the restoration of democracy," while simultaneously supporting Haitian military leaders. An elaborate "ballet diplomatique" put intense pressure on President Aristide to create reconciliation between victims and their oppressors. The need for Aristide's return became apparent as Haiti became embroiled in domestic U.S. politics due to the massive number of refugees fleeing military imposed violence. This documentary traces the relationship between Clinton and Aristide whereby each publicly satisfied the other's domestic political agenda.

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