Dreamers, 2002

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Director Film Dreamers, 2002
Jorgen Leth

Dreamers, 2002
Jorgen Leth
doc. [A L]

A celebration of Haitian painters reflecting inexhaustible creativity and optimism. Dreamers, mystics, and storytellers where spiritual forces play an active role in every day life.

***Note: Leth known for his book, Billeder Fra Haiti-Images from Haiti, written in Danish and English (printed in 2000). The book is a combination of interviews with artists and beautiful color prints of the artwork. In many ways, "Dreamers" is this book on film! This film features the multi talented artists of Haiti, exploring the talent, creativity, motivation, imagination and optimism of the Haitian artists.Interviews with Andre Pierre, Rigaud Benoit, Wilson Bigaud, Felipe August Salnave, Preffet Duffault, Fortune Gerard, Prosper, Antilhomme, Philome Obin, Jasmin Joseph, and Louise St. Fleurant. These artists speak of that which motivates them. Leth presents them as dreamers, mystics and storytellers who live in a country where spiritual forces play an active role in their everyday lives.

Andre Pierre is moved by his strong belief in Voodoo. He relates everything to the Voodo loas which inspire him and which rule his world. For Jasmin Joseph it is his imagination and the "friends" in his mind. As he strokes his pet rabbit it is easy to understand why rabbits are quite often subjects on his canvasses! Gerard speaks of nights when he cannot sleep and then Jesus speaks to him and encourages him to paint. Leth captures the essence of these famous artists as they relate their personal stories in their own surroundings. It is truly a celebration of their creativity and optimism. To have so little and to beautifully create so much is a tribute to the Haitian spirit. Jorgen Leth, in "Dreamers" offers the world some insight into that inexhaustible creativity that is uniquely Haitian!

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