Disappearance of Tisoeur:Haiti After Duvalier, 1997

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Director Film Disappearance of Tisoeur:Haiti After Duvalier, 1997
Harriet Hirshorn

Disappearance of Tisoeur:Haiti After Duvalier
Harriet Hirshorn
doc. [P]

Chronicles events in Haiti since the collapse of the Duvalier regime, from the downfall and ignominious flight into exile of 'Baby Doc' Duvalier and his wife (seen arriving in their BMW with military escort in predawn darkness at Port-au-Prince airport), moving first-person accounts of the brutality of the tonton macoutes and the regime's other human rights abuses, to the nation's first democratic election, Fr. Jean-Betrand Aristide's halting rise to power with the assistance of U.S. military intervention, and the September 1991 military coup.

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