Black Dawn, 1981

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Director Film Black Dawn, 1981
Robin Lloyd & Doreen Kraft

Black Dawn, 1981 Robin Lloyd & Doreen Kraft
animated art of history [C, A, H]
20 min.
Spanish, Kreyol, French, English

Paintings spring to life in this animated folktale. Black Dawn explores Haiti's early history and offers a introduction to its culture, folklore, and religion. Using animation techniques, paintings by prominent Haitian artists are transformed visually. This film is rich with African-Caribbean rhythms and chants, solid
historical background, with a vibrant cutout animation style. Not your MTV. A study guide accompanies this film providing information on Haitian history and vodun. It also contains a list of resources, excerpts from the script and discussion suggestions for teachers and students.

Note: A DVD with added commentary is scheduled to be published for the 2004 bicentennial.

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