Bitter Cane, 1983

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Director Film Bitter Cane, 1983
Jacques Arcelin

Bitter Cane, 1983
Jacques Arcelin
doc. [L, P, HR]

Feature length. Examines the history of Haiti, from the 1804 revolution to the occupation (1915-34) by U.S. Marines, and the repressive Duvalier regimes of 'Papa Doc" and 'Baby Doc.' Interviews with peasants, landowners, merchants and U.S. businessmen reveal the workings of the semi-feudal agricultural system and the
rapidly growing industrial sector, including such consequences as growing unemployment in the U.S. and the perilous ocean boyage of Haitian refugees.
Produced by Haiti Films. A vision of Haitian society: the farmers and workers, the historic and economic roots of migration. The role of the U.S.'s political and economic presence is analyzed as well as the dictatorship of Duvalier. (Secretly filmed for six years in Haiti).

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