Path of Memory: Ayiti before Duvalier 2001

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Director Film Path of Memory: Ayiti before Duvalier 2001
Franz Voltaire

Path of Memory, Les Chemins de la mémoire: Ayiti before Duvalier 2001
Franz Voltaire
doc (Haiti-Canada) [H]
52 minutes,

History of Haiti during the first half of 20th Century until beginning of Francois Duvalier.

Accompagne les gens, leurs histoires et leurs récits, pour le regard avec et non pas un regard sur, pour la transmission orale et visuel
le d'un héritage riche et important, qui nous fait découvrir des images qui auraient pu passer à l'oubli.

Note: Price ONF (National office of film of Canada) of best film with 18th festival of the Days of the African and Creole Cinema, "Seen D Africa" with
Montreal this year. The declaration of the jury: "For this vision, it point of view which accompanies people, their stories and their accounts,
for the glance with and not a glance on, for the oral transmission and visual of a rich and significant heritage, which makes us discover
images which could have passed to the lapse of memory

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