The Other Haiti, 1993

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Director Film The Other Haiti, 1993
David Korb

The Other Haiti, 1993
David Korb
doc. [L, P ]
kreyol with English voice-over and narration

While most U.S. media coverage focuses on the tragic situation of Haitian refugees, this timely documentary reveals the activities of a nationwide peasant movement for social change in Haiti. Thousands of members of the Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP) whose motto is Organization or Death" have been struggling for over two decades, despite brutal army harassment, to regain control of their lives and to foster the courage to
demand change. The efforts of the MPP --such as the establishment of agricultural co-ops, a credit bank, educational and and training programs, and health dispensaries helped set the stage for the first free and fair elections in Haiti's history in December 1991 which saw the lection of Fr. Jean-Betrand Aristide. Despite the September 1991 military coup and subsequent repression, the MPP activists have chosen to remain in Haiti--although many of them went into hiding--to continue their efforts to achieve justice and democracy.

Interviews with MPP members and documenting the group's activities, showing why the army has specifically targeted such grassroots organizations for repression. The Portrait of a little known aspect of contemporary Haitian society.

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