Krik? Krak! ( Krik? Krak! ) 1990

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Director Film Krik? Krak! ( Krik? Krak! ) 1990
Jac Avila & Vanyoska Gee

Krik? Krak! ( Krik? Krak! ) 1990
Jac Avila & Vanyoska Gee
Documentary (creative)
79 minutes

This imaginative, impressionistic film provides a sociohistoric overview of Haiti under the Duvalier regimes, primarily from the point of view of the rural peasantry. Neither a historical chronology nor an analysis, the film forms an impression of the Haitian people's feelings as they face a slave-like existence and build resistance to its horrors.Through the creative use of fiction film clips and newsreels of U.S. intervention in the 1920s, the film traces Haiti's history through the fall of Jean-Claude Duvalier, attempting to establish a causal relationship between foreign domination and the Duvaliers' human rights violations.
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